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STONIMAGE just completed 3 no.s EOT crane for one factory located in Manila city of Philippines, this was one important project for Stonimage since it includes one completed set of Anti-Sway system EOT crane which is delivered to Manila in March 2016.


This project includes 2 no.s of 7ton-19m CXTD crane, 1 no. CXTD 5Tton-19m Anti-sway Crane, Till now Stonimage has supplied 7 no.s EOT crane (F.E.M A5), 4 no.s 50T-20M Gantry Crane in 2016, and the technician has checked the condition for each crane, and get a lot of satisfied comments from customers and local market, Continuously stonimage will supply advanced crane system and lifting equipment services for Philippines clients to help their industrial development.


*Assembly in factory



*Successful Test